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Carol Davies, Success Strategist Coach

I recently did a series of live 30 minute radio interviews with Ms. Muriel Donnelly who is a dynamic radio host. Each week she did in-depth interviews with me about my success coaching business on such topics as business success, entrepreneurship, motivation and career planning.

Dr. Martha Latz, LMFT

It is my distinct pleasure to recommend Muriel Donnelly as a polished professional in her field as a host for live radio broadcast. I am absolutely delighted to give a personal testimonial of my very recent experiences being interviewed by Muriel on live radio.

James C. Colvin, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Muriel is spirited, engaging and intelligent. She goes with the theme of the day, is able to sit back and give me the space to present the topic and how I might approach it, and only then does she comment.


Scot N. Bay, MD North Fulton Behavioral Health Center

It has been my great pleasure to have been an on air guest of Muriel Donnelly. As a Board Certified Psychiatrist for twenty five years with extensive experience in broadcast media, I was extremely impressed with Ms. Donnelly’s intelligent and insightful questions and comments as we discussed issues related to mental health, without any prior preparation or advance discussion of topics.

Ray Rife Professional Life and Career Coach

I am delighted to recommend Muriel Donnelly. Muriel and I had a series of radio interviews. Her style of interviewing is par-excellence.  Before interviews, she briefly reviews the topics of the day with her guest to insure both are on the same page during the session.

Dr. Paul S. SussmanLicensed Psychologist

It's always a pleasure to be on your show.  You are intelligent and personable, a natural conversationalist. There is an ease about the wayyou moderate the show, and I find we always are able to keep the topic alive and stimulating throughout.


Lisa Riggs    Founder & CEO Spirit Sox USA

To say it was a pleasure working with Muriel is an understatement. Not only did she help calm my nerves before our radio interview but she also made being on air so much fun.

Gail Lash, Ph.D.
Tourism For Peace, LLC

I just want to say that I so appreciate your stories - it makes it a true conversation between us, and they are great stories!

Cheryl Strickland, Aromatherapy Consultant

I have had the opportunity to be interviewed by Muriel Donnelly on a number of occasions. She was well organized and prepared and truly a delight to dialogue with during our radio interview. She is such a friendly, engaging radio host.