Passion Motivator Coaching, London ON Canada

I recently did a series of live 30 minute radio interviews with Ms. Muriel Donnelly who is a dynamic radio host.  Each week she did in-depth interviews with me about my success coaching business on such topics as business success, entrepreneurship, motivation and career planning.

It was my first time to do live interviews. Muriel’s warmth and genuine interest in my experience and background always put me at ease in each interview. She was always well-prepared and well-spoken. She cares so much about what she does and is extremely professional with superb interview skills.

With Muriel I felt that I had added a new member to my marketing team. She skilfully brings out intriguing points of interest to engage listeners to want to listen to her show. She made sure to showcase my business so the listeners wanted to hear more. In fact, there were several call-ins from actual listeners who dialogued with me to get advice for their personal situations.

Additionally, I was privileged to do an in person one hour interview about my business on video with Muriel. What an unforgettable experience! It has aired several times on national television. I have received a lot of positive feedback from these interviews which are available on my website.  I highly recommend Muriel Donnelly as a brilliant and skilled interviewer. 

Carol Davies, Success Strategist Coach

Passion Motivator Coaching, London ON Canada

June 8, 2017